Auckland bar HeadQuarters Viaduct has lashed out at league fans after a less-than-quiet showing of the State of Origin game on Wednesday night.

"So we've got the biggest big screen in NZ, it cost $120,000 so it should be good, and we like to show off and play rugby or other appropriate events on it," a message posted on the bar's Facebook page read.

"Last night we had dozens of requests to play some bogan game of criminals and sons of criminals in cane toad purple v criminals and other tattooed bogans in blue, and of course we did the right thing and turned the volume up, which in turn caused our beloved regulars to leave ... and then the low league following scum decided to behave just as they look," the post continued.

"Don't ever ask again you dogs, you vandals and you abusers, I'll go repair the damage you did and I'll learn my lesson once and for all. If you want decent people at HQ support rugby, if you want mongrel scum and vandals support league. Two words you low scum ... and the second one is off ... unless of course you have a shred of decency and you come back and apologise and pay for the damage you did."


So we’ve got the biggest big screen in NZ, it cost $120,000 so it should be good, and we like to show off and play rugby...

Posted by HeadQuarters Viaduct on Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The post has been shared across social media where it is infuriating league fans.

A Facebook user who watched the game at HeadQuarters said it was a case of "some clown" ruining it for the majority.

"We had a really great night there last night watching Origin, the TV screen is amazing for sport and the crowd seemed really great during the game. Obviously some clown has ruined it for the majority," Tim Gregory said.

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The expensive screen was reportedly spared but the bar added in a comment that "they decided (ironically ) to smash up pictures of Conor McGregor and Willie Apiata ... tough bastards being smashed up by low-life league loving losers".

"We've had a year of great rugby, the Lions tour for example, plus cricket and racing etc ... and no problems, then the league scum drift in and try to wreck the place," another comment said.

"I've made my decision, never again you losers, you behave like animals and I'll treat you exactly like that, with pleasure. Apologies to those who love that game and behave, but I'm not having my precious asset put at risk again," the bar added.

Several social media users blasted the bar for the "unprofessional" post and for stereotyping league users.


"Wow what an unprofessional post! Blame it on the individuals but don't stereotype all league supporters, trust me there is plenty of idiots that support rugby as well," Cath Howard commented.

It is not clear what the extent of the damage was.

HeadQuarters Viaduct has declined to comment.