A Live Aid-style concert at Eden Park next Waitangi Day will raise money to help save babies around the world.

Sir Ray Avery announced his bold plan last weekend to build enough LifePods incubators to save a million babies.

Today's announcement at Eden Park is the first step in raising the $4 million needed to make 2000 pods, each of which would save 50 lives a year over the 10 years it remained operational.

No firm plans had been made yet because the organisers were still going through the process of getting council approval for the concert.


Sir Ray said it was an opportunity to present New Zealand technology to the world stage by bringing an iconic international artist here and showcasing Kiwi acts.

The inventor has gained support for the charity event from Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, Auckland Council chief executive Stephen Town, Auckland councillor Christine Fletcher, Auckland RSA, local residents of The Hood - Eden Park Supporters' Club and local business associates.

As part of Sir Ray's plan, each pod would be marked with "A gift from the people of New Zealand" before being shipped to countries where premature babies were dying because hospitals did not have the money or equipment to save them.

Sir Ray and his wife, Anna, spent the best part of eight years designing and manufacturing the LifePod.

Sir Ray, a former New Zealander of the Year who was knighted in 2011, was driven to create the incubators after seeing babies in developing countries die unnecessarily.

"This is a chance to leave a legacy from the whole country."