National leader Simon Bridges does not appear concerned by the appearance of his MP Judith Collins in the preferred prime minister stakes in a new poll.

"She is like, a number in our caucus, doing an outstanding job. And I think that's part of why, if you look at this poll overall, it shows that National is in a very strong place," Bridges told RNZ this morning.

"If I look at that poll I'm very buoyed by it. It shows that under my leadership, actually the National Party is more popular than it has been and that this is a Government that hasn't got a bounce out of being new.

"In relation to me, it's very clear, I've got a job to do to get well known, to go out there and talk to people and listen to what they've got to say, but it's very early days."


The latest Newshub-Reid Research poll shows Bridges on just 9 per cent after four months as National leader, while Collins made her first appearance as a possible leader on 3.7 per cent.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was solid with 40.2 per cent support.

On party support, Labour was on 42.6 per cent, up 0.3, while National was on 45.1 per cent, up 0.6.

Neither Labour nor National could form a government alone on those results.

New Zealand First would lose its kingmaker status and be out of Parliament, slipping below the 5 per cent threshold to just 2.4 per cent support, Newshub reported.

That power would pass to the Greens, which netted 5.7 per cent support, enough to return to Parliament.