A Manurewa woman is fed up with window washers after a man forcibly tried to clean her windscreen at 3.30am.

Vikashni Prasad‎ was on her way to work yesterday morning when she was confronted by a window washer at the intersection of Great South Rd and Weymouth Rd.

"As soon as I pulled up at the red light, this window washer came over and I kept on saying no but he just sprayed the water. He then tried to clean it off and the light changed so I just took off.

"I had been saying no and no but he kept on doing it. At that time, who bloody wants their windows washed?"


Prasad said the windscreen washers made her fear for her safety, and she has since stopped driving that way in order to avoid them.

"I feel like they are trying to intimidate me and forcefully do whatever they want. They are harassing people.

"At that time in the morning they know that there won't be any cops or people around so they do whatever they want," she said.

"I don't know why the Government is not getting rid of these people. They say there are heaps of jobs in the Hawke's Bay so why don't they take them there."

Prasad said she had not contacted the council or police about the matter.

"I can't be bothered as I know they won't do anything. What is the use as they will just fine them on that day and they will be back there the next day.

"I feel there should be something stricter out there to stop them doing it. To be honest, I would like to see them in jail because they won't learn."

Prasad said she has lived in Manurewa for 10 years, and the problem has got worse in the past 4-5 months.


In August last year Parliament passed a new law which forbids window washing and allows police to issue instant fines.

The law states a road user must not use a road to wash or offer to wash a vehicle, or any part thereof, in a manner that may be unsafe, that may intimidate or cause a nuisance to any person, or may cause an obstruction to vehicles.

Previously, it was left to Auckland Council to prosecute window washers through the courts.

A police spokesperson said police are aware of the issue of window washers and actively monitor known areas where they congregate.

"If any member of our community is in a situation where a window washer is intimidating them or they feel threatened then we urge them to contact police immediately.

"We appreciate that this practice is frustrating for members of the public but unfortunately some people are still paying them, which is creating a market for them.

The spokesperson said police use their own discretion when it comes to issuing an infringement notice to window washers.

"Police are focused on creating positive outcomes rather than merely imposing penalties, particularly when it involves young people, in an effort to prevent further offending taking place.

"We want to reiterate that window washing is a dangerous and unlawful activity and those involved risk putting themselves and others in danger.

"We encourage anyone who sees this activity to report it to police."