A well-known Kaikohe couple who were inseparable for more than 60 years died on the same day.

Peter and Ruth Bedford, died hours apart on May 14.

Granddaughter Cadence Bedford said her grandfather was admitted to hospital on the Saturday evening.

"We had a feeling she [Ruth] decided he wasn't coming back."


Her grandmother died at 10am on Monday and the family got a message to Peter - he died about nine hours later.

Cadence Bedford described her grandparents passing away on the same day as "a beautiful thing".

She said the family is looking forward to celebrating their lives together.

"That's something incredibly special."

Peter was 86 and his wife Ruth was 83. The couple were married on December 30, 1957 after meeting at a dance in Auckland.

Cadence Bedford said her grandparents were the "salt of the earth".

Her grandmother was "as sharp as a tack".

"If she could help or could solve some sort of problem, she was in there."

Her grandfather was a deep thinker, who didn't say much.

"When he did speak, people tended to listen."

The couple moved to Kaikohe in 1980, where Ruth worked as a law clerk, and Peter spent time as the caretaker at Northland College, retiring at 80.

Kaikohe couple Heather and Keith Ineson are both former presidents of the Kaikohe AP&H Show committee and worked closely with the Bedfords.

Peter Bedford joined the Kaikohe AP&H Show committee in 1988, five years later he became the secretary. He held the position until 2008.

"He did a very long service and Ruth helped him a lot," Heather Ineson said.

She said as a secretary "he did everything".

Peter Bedford had an office set up in the bottom of his home.

"He was brilliant, I could go there, go down to his office and he'd have everything in boxes all labelled up ready to go."

She said unlike many other committee members, the Bedfords didn't enter the show themselves.

Heather Ineson said when Peter Bedford retired from the committee, he continued to help out with the small animal and rare breeds section on show day, up until recently.

Outside of the show, the couple were very involved with the tramping club, while Ruth Bedford used to teach yoga.

"They had a beautiful garden. Nothing out of place, they loved their garden, they spent a lot of time in it."

The couple also loved corgis.

The Bedfords are survived by their three children and two grandchildren.

Their funeral will be held at Squire Funeral Services in Kaikohe tomorrow .

Heather Ineson said the reception after the funeral would be held at the showgrounds.

"The show will be involved, it was a big part of their lives."