An Aucklander has received wide praise after generously paying it forward to struggling Kiwis over the weekend.

While Mother's Day is an occasion to bring families together, for many Kiwis it is a reminder of their financial struggles and in some cases the loss of a loved one.

So one Aucklander on the weekend posted an offer on social media to help bring a smile to those less fortunate.

"Struggling? Would you like a free pizza?" it said in the post title.


"I'm sitting here at work, it's pretty miserable and raining, at least here in Auckland.

"I'm pretty lucky - despite being at work on a Saturday, it's warm, dry and I have UberEats to keep me happy - but I know some people aren't in a great situation and may be struggling to afford food over these cold months.

"So to make your day better - I've purchased 20 x $5 Domino's InstaGift Vouchers so you can visit your nearest Domino's and pickup a pizza. Awesome.

"You can order one now, later, tomorrow [on Mother's Day for those who may have forgotten!] or a month from now. IF you'd like one - just reply and I'll pick at random... Happy Saturday - and stay warm!"

The generous Aucklander offered to have pizza delivered to those struggling to get by. Photo / Reddit
The generous Aucklander offered to have pizza delivered to those struggling to get by. Photo / Reddit

Hundreds of desperate Kiwis commented in asking to be chosen to receive a free pizza, opening up about their struggles.

Many of those in need appeared to be facing financial struggles or were not coping with the loss of a family member.

"Struggling with the first Mother's Day without my mother. Would love a pizza," one person asked before their offer was taken up by the good Samaritan.

One university student asked: "I would really appreciate one man, had to sign up to the Oxfam's refugee ration thing so I could actually get some more food I feel bad."

Another wrote: "I've just broken my shoes in a storm and had to walk 5km in broken jandals in the rain. I probably won't get the pizza but it's lovely to know people like you are still out there."

The Aucklander's generosity hasn't gone unnoticed with hundreds of people thanking the man for paying it forward.

"Lowkey would love one, 3 dollars left in the bank account as a uni student, should probably have something to eat besides toast. Either way you're a New Zealand treasure," one person wrote.

"Thank you for making something good happen on a horrible weekend," one person who lost their mother wrote.

Another said: "Please don't pick me - I just wanted to say thanks for doing this. Real decent of you."

The post has since inspired others to pay it forward with two others offering to donate pizza vouchers to those in need of a hand.