Students complaining about being unable to tell the time during exams in England has led to some UK schools getting rid of their analogue clocks and replacing them with digital ones.

The decision led to US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel taking to the streets of Los Angles to present a number of children with a variety of clocks, asking the same question to all: "what time is it?"

Almost all of the kids didn't know how to tell time, but many of them came up with creative guesses for Kimmel.

The Herald did the same thing and headed along to Kaurilands Primary School in Titirangi on Monday, with just one kind of analogue clock.


Fifteen students were put in the hot seat and asked: "what time is it?"

There were puzzled looks and long pauses among the lineup of mostly nine-year-olds.

Eight of them got it wrong. Some either got the two hands the wrong way around or had no clue how to work out the time and gave up completely.

There was a some hope that the traditional analogue clock hadn't been lost in translation, with seven students correctly managing to tell the time.

The results didn't appear to come as much of a surprise to the three teachers in the room, who said the modern-day smartphone era and their digital clocks were to blame.