The Rotorua-based BayTrust Rescue Helicopter has been essential in getting specialist help to a woman in premature labour with twins.

The helicopter was sent to Ruatahuna just after 9am on Monday.

Due to the potential complications of premature labour the rescue helicopter was essential in getting a specialist paediatric team to the remote location as quickly as possible, a statement from the BayTrust Rescue Helicopter said.

The woman and her babies were treated at the scene and all three were taken to Rotorua Hospital for further observation.


It was understood all were healthy.

In the past month the BayTrust Rescue Helicopter has been called out 13 times, including an urgent transfer to Waikato Hospital for a woman with sepsis, a callout to a car crash in Taupo to airlift a patient with serious trauma to Rotorua Hospital, and airlifting a 19-year-old woman from a remote horse riding event with multiple injuries.