A bus carrying eight passengers has had its front end crunched by an 18-wheel truck on a busy central Auckland street.

A person travelling on the InterCity bus said as they came around the corner of the one-way Nelson St onto Victoria St West, the truck clipped the front of the bus.

"We were in the far right-hand lane on Nelson St turning right, and they were in the second lane. I think [the truck driver] just misjudged the turn and clipped the front of the bus."

Nobody was injured in the collision and both vehicles were driving "very slow", he said.


"But still, it was not a very nice experience for anybody."

The collision ripped the left mirror clean off, and cracked a side window.

The heavy-duty truck was was carrying four smashed-up cars and two concrete staircases.

The bus had just arrived in the central city before the crash at about 10.45am, after departing Hamilton at 8am.