Can you imagine how Hillary Clinton and the DNC are going to react if, and when, Donald Trump wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Because surely if this weekend is an example of how Korea and its future unfolds, he's a shoo-in.

Barack Obama won it for a lot less, in fact he won it for nothing specific.

So with a tough stance, hard policy and very specific threats Trump has managed to do what no one has in decades. He's brought the North back from the brink.


The war is off and the peace has been toasted. The North/South Korea get-together could not have been more fruitful or successful.

This is history in the making and although there appears to be any number of sceptics, what cannot be denied is the simple truth that things are immeasurably better this morning than they were last Thursday.

US President Donald Trump smiles during a campaign rally in Michigan. Photo / AP
US President Donald Trump smiles during a campaign rally in Michigan. Photo / AP

In comparatively no time at all the little bloke with the odd haircut has gone from tyrant to peacemaker, from a global threat to one who has wandered in from the cold.

No one has really explained that in any detail yet I suspect because no one really knows. Could it be he's realised that what his father and grandfather were up to was leading nowhere? That knowing what the outside world offers it can't be that long before his people cotton on to the con?

Could it be he's sick of having no power, no roads and no food? Could he be the generational representative that woke up to the futility of what his country has been up to?

Why so many are sceptical I don't know.

What has the world got to lose? The guy is threatening to blow everyone up, now he's not. It's a win in anyone's diplomatic book.

There was criticism he hasn't given up his weapons. But why would he? No one else is, and as we have learned there are plenty of countries with nuclear power but no real anticipation of using it.


Why not see this for what it is and take it? This is a spectacularly successful first step towards peace and away from that constant repetitious nonsense of threat and appeasement - whereby once again the UN have been shown to be the limp-wristed time wasters they are.

Kim would threaten, the world would go on standby, the UN would hold a meeting, offer some food and then he'd back down.

And as Trump said, he shouldn't have had to be dealing with this problem. This bloke north of the border was never a real threat, he was a noise-making bully that knew he could get the world to fold with a threat and a missile.

Trump went to the UN, called him Rocket Man, told him to pull the trigger and watch out.
Then it was over.

Is it completely sorted? Of course not. There's been one meeting.

But if you ever want an example of how tough leadership works history has been instructive. Bullies get away with it because we are scared.

Trump stared him down and if what we saw this weekend hold, if Kim Jong Un brings the North into the real world, he wins, we win and Trump wins.

And deservedly so.