Two Auckland parents say they were shocked to find a baked cockroach in a snack they had just given their baby daughter.

After ingesting the food Jacqueline Danish's 11-month-old daughter got a bad stomach ache and had been to see a GP.

The couple said they discovered a baked cockroach in a pack of zesty nut and seed snacks they had bought from Pak'nSave in Lincoln Rd.

"She got quite upset and distressed an hour or so after having them. Then it got worse and she started crying uncontrollably and kicking her legs in the air in pain."


She had got the snack several times as it was food she enjoyed, Danish explained.

After the distressed reaction from her daughter Danish looked through what she had eaten and her food seemed fine.

"Lastly when we turned our attention to her snacks- yogurt drops and these zesty nut and seed snacks. We looked through the box of those snacks and saw a baked cockroach.

"Because of the colour of the snack and the fact that the cockroach was covered in crumbs and completely flat from being baked, it was hard to notice," she said.

From there she made an appointment with her GP who looked at her and suggested giving her some electrolytes and Pamol.

A Pak'nSave spokeswoman said the company received contact from the family on their Facebook page, and had responded to them privately.

"We have reached out to them and they have sent contact details.

"We always follow through on things like this and there is no exception," the spokeswoman said.

Danish said at the very least they wanted a refund for the several boxes of the product they had bought then tossed out after finding the bug.

"We don't want any other person, child or adult, to get seriously ill."

She and her family were concerned the company "might come up with some excuse and sweep this under the rug".

"Obviously it would be preferred if an independent party assessed the product."