A motorist was caught going nearly twice the speed limit during a Hawke's Bay police operation this week.

Hawke's Bay police say they're hugely disappointed with the number of drivers caught speeding during the recent operation by the Traffic Alcohol Group on Waimarama Road in Havelock North.

On Tuesday between 6.20am and 8.20am 44 drivers were caught speeding in the 50 km/h area near the red bridge.

The temporary speed limit has been in place on the road for several months.


There is also a weight restriction on the bridge.

All 44 drivers were issued with infringement notices resulting in fines and demerit points.

Speeds of between 62km/h and 98km/h were recorded.

One driver received a $630 fine and 50 demerit points.

Traffic Alcohol Group Sergeant Steven Murray said a speeding motorist was detected nearly every two and a half minutes.

"These results are extremely disappointing, both in terms of the sheer number of drivers and the speeds they were travelling.

"They are putting themselves and other road users in harm's way, excess speed is one of the major contributors to serious injury and fatalities on our roads."

Police would continue to patrol the area as well as working to educate drivers about road safety.


"The message is quite simple, ensure you make better decisions on the road otherwise we will catch you and hold you accountable."