The Green Party will stand a candidate in the Northcote byelection.

An announcement from the party tonight said it decided to stand a candidate in the up-coming byelection, following extensive consultation with the local branch, Auckland region representatives and other interested groups.

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson said the local branch saw the byelection as an opportunity to promote their early successes in Government.

"The local branch was especially keen to stand and use the campaign to celebrate the Green wins in government to date, while advocating for greater progressive change on issues like health, housing, water and transport," she said.


"As is the case for any political party it's important we tell our story at election times and provide voters with different options."

The candidate for the byelection would be chosen at a later date.

It was understood the local Green branch in Northcote and Auckland-based activists were keen to stand a candidate.

However, the Herald was told there was not great enthusiasm among the wider party for a campaign so soon after a bruising general election.