Kim Dotcom is looking for a live-in chef, a German teacher and a DJ at his new pad in Queenstown.

The embattled internet entrepreneur is searching for people to fill a handful of roles as live-in help.

Dotcom's post on Twitter asked "who wants to come live with the Dotcoms in Queenstown?"

"We are looking for a Michelin Star chef, executive protection professional, counter-intelligence professional, German teacher for my kids, a DJ/sound engineer, a PA and a Zeppelin pilot," it read.


Hopeful applicants were being asked to send their CVs to Dotcom via email.

The tech mogul moved to Queenstown with his family of five children and new wife Elizabeth Donnelly late last year, after money and possessions previously frozen in Hong Kong by the US Government were released.

The thankful tech mogul said it meant his family could enjoy life surrounded by idyllic mountains and lakes rather than spies.

Dotcom's job advertisement attracted hundreds of re-tweets and comments, from hopeful applicants as well as those suggesting he might want other help, too.

"Heck I'd volunteer to be a chauffeur for your golf cart just for free room and 400 a week after taxes," one person wrote.

"Are you sure you don't need a good tax lawyer there too?" another queried.

The German-Finnish father-of-five is the founder of now defunct cloud storage service Megaupload.

US attempts to extradite him to face charges over Megaupload, which was used by users to share copyright material such as Hollywood movies, have had major political fallout in New Zealand, where the GCSB was found to have illegally spied on him as a resident.

He tweeted on July 25: "Thanks to a Hong Kong Judge my family can move to Queenstown and my kids will be surrounded by beautiful mountains & lakes instead of spies."

And later the same day: "Queenstown is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Add it to your bucket list."