New CCTV camera footage reveals the moment Bowie the Cavoodle was snatched while her owner was inside a store buying a burger.

The six-month-old was last seen outside a store in New Lynn six days ago - now police have released CCTV footage in a bid to find the pup.

Bowie, brown and last seen wearing a red collar with a round gold tag, was tied up adjacent to a burger bar in Great North Road in New Lynn at 6.25pm.

The puppy's owner was inside the store when someone unhooked the leash and carried the puppy away.


If you know where Bowie is or have any information that could help return Bowie to her family please contact Sergeant Matt Murray, Waitakere Police on (09) 215 5676.

Alternatively, information can also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

The owners, an Avondale family, were in shock after their much-loved dog was stolen while tied to a post for a few minutes outside the burger bar.

Mother-of-two Jo Hodge could Bowie from inside Burgerfuel in Great North Rd, New Lynn, while she waited for her order on Wednesday evening.

She turned away when her order was ready, and when she turned back to leave the shop Bowie was gone.

"She had her back turned for probably about 15 seconds," her husband Drew Pollock said.

"She came outside and was in a bit of shock, thinking she [Bowie] must have got off her leash. The leash was still tied to the post but her collar was not on it.

"She started calling out to her for a couple of minutes but eventually realised that she must have been stolen."

Bowie, a cross between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and who was named after singer David Bowie, has been a member of the family since they bought her just before Christmas, when she was 8 weeks old. Son Huxley, 5, calls her "our furry sister".