A 40-year-old transgender woman who used her cell phone beside a man urinating in public toilets has been ordered to pay him $300.

Vanessa Kakahi appeared at the Dunedin District Court this afternoon where she was fined another $300 after admitting the charge of offensive behaviour.

She originally pleaded guilty to making an intimate visual recording but later backtracked and the charge was amended today.

Police prosecutor Tim Hambleton said Kakahi's cell phone was analysed by police after her arrest and "nothing of interest" was found.


The defendant went to the Meridian Mall on July 29 and was in the male toilets when a student walked in.

Kakahi approached the victim from behind and began to use the urinal next to his, the court heard.

As Kakahi stood at the urinal, she removed her phone and angled it towards the man beside her.

The victim noticed and followed the defendant as she left the toilets.

At the bottom of an escalator, he grabbed the bottom of Kakahi's jacket but eventually let her go.

She fled up the stairway.

Kakahi was later found and spoken to by police.

She said she had used her cellphone to respond to a call and unfortunately when the device was opened it automatically activated the camera.


Judge Kevin Phillips called that "nonsense".

He said the victim was distraught and the man considered Kakahi's actions to be "really sick".

"I'm sure the community agree with him," the judge said.

The victim, in a statement to the court, said he was concerned at the woman's behaviour, especially with the risk of children entering the bathroom.

He told the court he made a scene in the mall because he was "really pissed off at that stage".

Added to the $600 bill, Kakahi was also ordered to pay court costs of $130.

Judge Phillips ruled her cell phone should be destroyed.