Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is recovering from surgery after undergoing an angioplasty over the weekend.

In a statement this afternoon Goff said he was resting up ad hassling doctors to let him go home after the minimally invasive procedure to widen narrowed or obstructed arteries or veins.

"My family has a history of clogged arteries which despite being a virtuous non-smoker I have been unable to escape," he said.

"The procedure went well and I'm hassling the doctor to let me go home. Hopefully tomorrow and after a few days of working from home, I'll be back at work."


The 64-year-old politician had the unscheduled surgery in a public hospital over the weekend.

He is due to return to work on April 23.

Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore will be stepping in for some of the mayor's duties during his absence.

Goff was elected Mayor of Auckland in 2016. Before that he had a long and distinguished career in Parliament as the Labour MP for Mt Roskill, served as Leader of the Opposition between 2008 and 2011 and held a number of senior Cabinet positions.