Vector crews have promised to work around the clock to restore power in Auckland, where up to 3000 properties are still without electricity.

But those in more remote parts of the city were being warned they may not have power until the middle of next week.

The latest update, at 9pm, said repairs to what was dubbed the "high voltage backbone of the network" were almost done.

"The number of homes and businesses still without power is now around 3000, which is just over 1.5 per cent of the 180,000 homes and businesses that lost power during the wind-storm,'' a spokesman said.


"Vector crews will work 24/7 until everyone is connected."

The spokesman acknowledged that work to repair lines damaged earlier this week due to bad weather had been hampered by continued poor weather conditions.

"Lightning strikes and a number of car versus pole accidents around the city have caused new outages overnight and diverted some of our resources from the storm recovery work,'' he said.

There is also a push to reconnect those in more remote parts of the city - particularly around the West Coast and Northwest Coast places including Piha, Riverhead, Kaukapakapa and Bethells Beach.

The spokesman said in those areas, lines had to be repaired section by section. It was difficult for crew members to understand just how damaged a section was until they got to it.

As a result, some of those places or parts of those areas would not have their power back on until mid-next week.

A car crash in Remuera has also brought down power lines.

A Fire and Emergency spokesman said a car had hit a pole on Abbots Way.


Emergency services were called about 11.20pm.

No injuries had been reported and no one was trapped in the vehicle.

Those people still without power were urged to keep an eye on the latest information and updates on which areas crews were working on via the Vector site.

Those who were medically dependent or were in a vulnerable situation are encouraged to get in touch with their electricity provider urgently or to contact emergency services.

Meanwhile, more than 2000 welfare checks have been made across the Auckland region.

Up to 130 people from various agencies - Auckland Emergency Management, the Auckland Council, NZ Defence Force, Land Search and Rescue, Red Cross and the police - were out door-knocking and checking the homes of residents without power.


The checks will continue tomorrow, a statement said.

Community hubs have opened in Massey, Three Kings, Waitakere, Kumeu, Waimauku, Glenfield and Waiatarua for those needing extended welfare support.

All hubs will be open tomorrow from 8am to 4pm and all Auckland Council leisure centres and YMCAs are offering a hot shower for free as well as somewhere to get warm and have a hot cup of tea or coffee.

The hubs are at: Waimauku War Memorial Hall, Kumeu Library, Massey Leisure Centre, Waitakere Domain Hall, Waiatarua Fire Station and the Flicking Convention Centre in Three Kings.

Waste food: If you have spoiled food as a result of your power outage you can take it to Waitakere Transfer Station in Henderson and dispose of it for free. If you cannot access the transfer station and have more than three rubbish sacks of spoiled food call 0800 222200 to arrange for a special collection.

Waitakere Transfer Station address: 50 The Concourse, Henderson, Auckland 0610
Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 6am-6pm; Sat, Sun: 8am-4pm.


Welfare and local help: Auckland Council libraries are open as per normal hours, and people without power can go and get warm, use wi-fi and charge their phones.

All Auckland Council leisure centres and YMCAs are offering a hot shower for free, and somewhere to get warm and have a hot cup of tea or coffee.

If you need help with urgent or unexpected costs as a result of the Auckland storms, the Ministry of Social Development may be able to help, call 0800 559009.

Medical health and advice: Contact your GP if you are concerned about health issues and contact your health provider if you need support like home support services including for support you currently receive.

Trees: New reports of downed trees were continuing to come in. Auckland Council contractors are working around the clock to make roads safe and manage emergency tree works across the region. Contractors are prioritising jobs that pose immediate safety issues.

Trees will be put on berms and mulched at a later date, so contractors can move on to higher priority jobs. This may take weeks to clear.


Report trees down on public land to Auckland Council on 09 301 0101.

Animal welfare: If your property is experiencing issues with septic/waste overflow, try to prevent animals coming into contact with this material. Animals are just as susceptible to becoming unwell as people if they ingest this material. It can cause gastro-like illness. If you are boiling water for safe drinking, do the same for your animals.