Six new speed cameras are set to be switched on around the country this week as part of a police initiative aiming to reduce death and injuries on New Zealand roads.

Two of the cameras are in Counties Manukau, another is in Canterbury, Auckland Central has one and two have been placed in the Waikato.

The sites were identified as having a high crash risk based on detailed analysis by independent traffic experts.

They're among 33 locations across the country where new digital cameras are being installed as part of the third phase of the police's $10m static camera expansion programme, announced in July 2013.


Inspector Peter McKennie, operations manager of road policing, said road crashes left families and communities devastated and international evidence showed people slowed down to safe speeds near speed cameras.

"This is why we're placing safe speed cameras at [these] and other sites, to encourage people to reduce their speed, which in turn helps reduce deaths and injuries on our roads."

McKennie disputed claims by some people that speed cameras were about revenue collecting, saying they weren't and that police did not keep money from tickets generated by cameras, it went to the Crown's consolidated fund.

"We're only interested in the impact the cameras have on encouraging people to slow down to safe and appropriate speeds, so they get to their destination safely," he said.

As well as installing cameras, the police presence would be increased on routes that had a high crash risk.

McKennie said members of the public could also help reduce carnage on the roads by driving to the conditions and within the speed limit, making sure they were sober and alert when driving and ensuring everyone in the car wore a seatbelt.

"All road users have a part to play in keeping our roads safe. Let's work together and make sure everybody gets where they're going safely," he said.

Locations of the new speed cameras

Counties Manukau:


Massey Rd in Mangere and Glenbrook Road in Kingseat


Leeston Rd in Springston

Auckland City:

Great North Rd in Grey Lynn


State Highway 2 in Waikino and Main Rd in Raglan