ANZ Bank has announced the closure of it's Otaki branch, ceasing operation at the end of this month, affecting four staff.

This leaves Kiwibank on Main St as the only option for Otaki residents without heading elsewhere to Waikanae or Levin.

The last day will be April 27 with the nearest ANZ banks for Otaki residents being Waikanae or Levin.

ANZ senior manager of external communications Stefan Herrick said, "After careful consideration we have decided it is not sustainable to keep the ANZ Otaki branch open.


"We have worked hard to maintain the Otaki branch, but the preferences of our customers have changed."

This follows a national trend of declining transactions, increase in internet banking and customer's use of other branches in the district which have all added to the reasoning behind the closure.

"Transactions have declined 12.6 percent over the past year alone and half of Otaki ANZ customers use other branches in the Kapiti district, while over 70 percent use internet banking and goMoney.

"We will be writing to customers to let them know of this decision and that their nearest branch is around 10 minutes away."

The bank is trying it's hardest to make the transition easier for customers by offering customers who want to learn how to use internet or phone banking to visit the branch before it shuts at the end of the month.

"We're happy to help elderly customers set up phone banking where our staff can help them with most day-to-day transactions.

"We want to help and support them with this change.

"A Smart ATM will remain in Otaki so customers can deposit, withdraw and transfer money between accounts."


All four staff are being redeployed to the Waikanae ANZ branch which Stefan said is busy enough to take on four additional staff members.

The transition will be made easier by Otaki branch manager Stephanie Etherington also being manager of the Waikanae branch with all staff performing the same roles at the Waikanae branch.