A New Zealand taxidermist is auctioning off the stuffed body of his dead farm cat as a "rug" on Trade Me, along with a jar full of unborn baby rabbits.

The cat skin rug is described as being perfect for "those of you that can't afford a Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Zebra [or] Bear skin rug".

The grey and white taxidermied cat has a "fully mounted head with feet, tail and underside too. Great condition with grey and white coat. 95cm nose to tail and 50cm at widest.

"One of my old farm cats that died a few years ago and has been in my freezer and recently mounted. Check out my Possum skin rug too."


The Tauranga seller, operating under the name "getstuffed1", said the rug was a "nice piece for home, office, shop display [or] mancave".

As well as the cat, which
As well as the cat, which "probably" died of old age, a possum skin rug is also for sale. Photo / Trade Me

While plenty of people have posted their outrage on social media, others are bidding the price up. The cat is currently going for $158.

The seller said the deceased farm cat was used to keep rats and mice down, and did not have a name. It was found in an outbuilding one morning and had "probably" died of old age.

Although the man faced backlash on social media, buyers were largely positive about the items.

One potential buyer wanted to know whether a zip could be added to turn the "rug" into a hot water bottle, while another wondered whether a taxidermied goldfish or mouse could be added as a freebie for the winning bidder.

The rabbits, described as
The rabbits, described as "baby aliens", have been preserved in meths after their pregnant mother was taxidermied. Photo / Trade Me

Another sale has attracted less positive interest - a jar containing five skinless, unborn baby rabbits preserved in methylated spirits after their mother was taxidermied.

"Locked inside their time capsule jar of meths they should last for year ... looks great when lit up," the seller said.

The auction closes on March 20.