A pensioner who was missing for 24 hours has been found and is receiving medical attention.

Brennan Visser, 65, was reported missing from the Mairangi Bay area on Auckland's North Shore after failing to return from an appointment at 10.30am yesterday.

Police sent out a missing person's notice about 11.40am today. However, they confirmed in a statement at 3.40pm that Visser had been found.

Earlier today police said Visser's vehicle was found parked near the location of his appointment after it was towed from an illegal park on Constellation Drive, Mairangi Bay.


It had been relocated to a side road and police believed Visser may not have found it and may have become confused looking for it.

The police had serious concerns for Visser because he does not have a cell phone and had not accessed his bank account.

It was not clear why Visser required medical attention when he was found.