A driver who filmed another motorist repeatedly crossing the centre line on a hilly Dunedin street said it was not the first time he had seen poor driving in the city, "but this was definitely the worst.''

Dunedin man, Richard Mountain, said he was glad to have caught the driving on camera as he travelled from Maori Hill down Warrender St on to George St on Sunday.

''I was keeping a safe distance

''[The driver] was very, very close to making contact with oncoming vehicles.''


The 33-year-old said he reported the incident to police using its Community Roadwatch form this morning.

Mountain posted the video on Facebook, where it drew a number of angry reactions.

"Omg wtf. Take this to the cops. Now," one commenter said.

"Lucky you got that on your phone bro, someone could of been injured, take to the cops," another said.