Submissions on the America's Cup resource consent applications close tomorrow, says Auckland Council.

In a statement, the council said while the submission period closes tomorrow, it continues to work with Government and Emirates Team New Zealand to explore options to host the America's Cup in Auckland.

Currently there are four options on the table to locate the syndicate bases, but only the Wynyard Basin option, agreed to by Auckland Council and Team New Zealand last December, is going through the resource consent process.

If agreement is reached on a different option it will be publicly notified and open to submissions, the council said.


Any submission received on the existing consent applications to build the America's Cup bases at Wynyard Basin will still be considered where they relate to any new consent application, the statement said.

The four options

1 - Wynyard Basin:

Locates the bases around Wynyard Basin from Hobson Wharf to Wynyard Point. Involves a 75m extension to Halsey Wharf for four bases, a 75m extension to Hobson Wharf for the Team New Zealand base and a small extension on Wynyard Wharf for three bases. Agreed by the council in December with support from Team New Zealand and publicly notified in January. The only option with any legal status.

2 - Hybrid: Incorporates elements of the Wynyard Basin option with more land-based bases on Wynyard Point and reduces the proposed extension to Halsey Wharf from 75m to 35m. The Team New Zealand base stays on a 75m extension to Hobson Wharf. Economic Development Minister David Parker and Mayor Phil Goff agreed on this option last week.

3 - Team New Zealand: A variation on the "hybrid" option with seven bases on a 75m extension to Halsey Wharf and the Team New Zealand base on a 75m extension to Hobson Wharf. No bases on Wynyard Point.

4 - Viaduct Harbour Holdings: Like the "hybrid" but moves the Team New Zealand Base from Hobson Wharf to a 30m extension on Halsey Wharf. Five bases on Wynyard Point and two bases on Beaumont St.