A man is accused of sexually grooming a 7-year-old girl and threatening to shoot her parents if she didn't obey.

On Tuesday, a woman spoke of seven occasions David Beamsley allegedly sexually assaulted her when she was a child.

Beamsley is on trial at the Whanganui District Court after pleading not guilty to six historic counts of indecently assaulting a female under 12.

The alleged offending occurred between 1981 and 1984 in South Taranaki and New Plymouth, and involved two girls.


The woman was the second complainant to give evidence at the trial.

She said Beamsley offered to take her for a drive to give her separated parents some time alone.

"He asked if I wanted to help my parents get back together, while rubbing my leg back and forth. I felt uncomfortable but I was seven at the time and confused."

She said when she got upset Beamsley would soothe her and tell her he would get her an ice cream.

"He told me to count to 50 until it was over and I just closed my eyes and zoned out.

"He said if I told my parents he would hurt them, shoot them while they were asleep in their bed."

The trial is before Judge Philip Crayton and expected to last until Thursday.