The parents of the boy who was hurt when an end-of-year prank went wrong and he was hit by a dirt bike are rapt the young female rider was discharged without conviction.

Shannon Jorjia Read, 17, appeared in the Hamilton District Court on Friday after pleading guilty last year to one charge of driving carelessly.

Her lawyer Mike Talbot confirmed to the Herald Read had been discharged without conviction. He would not comment further.

Read was one of six girls involved in an annual streaking event last November. The Waikato Diocesan student drove on to the Hamilton Boys' High field on a dirt bike during lunchtime wearing nothing but underpants and ran over a boy's leg.


Hamilton Boys' High student Kyle Kirsten suffered a deep gash to his leg, but his father Glen told the Herald last year that he did not want charges laid.

His mother Ricky Kirsten told the Herald today they were really pleased with the sentencing decision on Friday at Hamilton District Court.

"We are actually rapt. We are rapt. At the end of the day it was just a silly prank the girls played. There was no target on my son. He just happened to be playing football and they crossed his path. So we understand it was just a simple accident. We are stoked. She was just a young girl and we didn't want her to get convicted at all.

"I feel more sorry for the parents of the girls knowing that happened. We are pleased with the result and we just want to move on."

Kirsten said Kyle only had a small scar to show from the incident and was playing the best football he had in years.

"He was straight back into it. He was determined he was going to get back into it and he's doing really well."

However, Hamilton Boys' High principal Susan Hassall said, at the time of the incident, that she wanted a "strong message" to be sent to young people that reckless behaviour would not be tolerated.

The girls were not invited on to school grounds and were driving the dirt bikes at a "very dangerous" speed.