An Auckland secondary student who wanted to wear a colander as a religious head dress in a school photo was reportedly told to remove it.

Stuff reported the Pakuranga College pupil was blocked from wearing the colander and that he had complained staff had breached his human rights.

The 15-year-old reportedly claimed he was of Pastafarian religion- a movement started in the United States and which has reached New Zealand in the form of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The church was launched in response to "creationist nonsense ... being taught in American schools as alternative science", according to its website.


"Pastafarianism is based not on a foundation of evidence, but of community," it says.

Two years ago the church had its first member qualify as a marriage celebrant.

Stuff reported the teenager's attempts to wear the colander was against school rules, prompting him to plead his case to different teachers including school principal Michael Williams.

But in the end, he was reportedly made to remove the 'head dress' despite the religion having legal recognition in New Zealand.

The teenager detailed the incident in a social media post, but reportedly later retracted it and apologised to the school.

Williams didn't immediately respond to Herald inquiries but Stuff reported Williams saying the dispute had been resolved "amicably and happily".