A Hollywood environmentalist best known for his role as Vincent Chase in the TV series Entourage will star in a new safety video created by Air New Zealand.

Adrian Grenier will star alongside Scott Base scientists and support staff in the video which spotlights the critical importance of Antarctica in understanding the impacts of global warming.

Grenier has a background in directing documentaries about important social and environmental issues, and also co-founded of the Lonely Whale clean ocean advocacy non-profit.

He said visiting Antarctica has been a life-long dream and he felt privileged to be part of one of Air NZ's world-renowned safety videos.


"It is really hard to put into words. I have been around the world and been to many places but there is nothing quite like Antarctica," he said.

"What a rare treat to me in a Air NZ safety video, but then to have such an epic co-star as Antarctica."

He said out of all the videos, the safety video was probably most aligned with who he is as a person.

"My whole belief system is built around conservation of our planet and being here with scientists that are doing all different types of climate work and environmental work is amazing.

Hollywood environmentalist, actor and director Adrian Grenier will feature in Air New Zealand's upcoming Antarctic safety video.
Hollywood environmentalist, actor and director Adrian Grenier will feature in Air New Zealand's upcoming Antarctic safety video.

"To know that the airline is actually doing its job to help to understand our world and how climate change is going to affect us is of course something very important to me."

Grenier said filming in sub-zero conditions was intense, but it was an adventure he will carry with him forever.

"One unforgettable moment was stepping below the ice shelf to see the underwater life beneath in a scientific observation cylinder drilled through the ice."

Air NZ general manager of brand and global content marketing Jodi Williams said Grenier was a natural choice to star in the video and truly embraced life at Scott Base.


"Minimising any potential environmental impact of the shoot was a key priority for us, so a tight crew of just six including Adrian travelled to Antarctica – without many of the extras you'd expect on a large-scale production.

"Adrian's keenness to be involved speaks to his genuine passion for this project which we hope will inspire more people to consider the impact of their decisions on the planet's future."

Antarctica NZ CEO Peter Beggs said the new safety video and other video content will give millions globally greater awareness of Antarctic science, particularly as efforts to understand environmental change intensify.

The project also includes a dedicated website and additional material filmed with scientists in the field.

It builds on Air NZ's long-term partnership with Antarctica NZ and the NZ Antarctic Research Institute – a relationship also currently supporting a major study of ecosystem resilience in the Ross Sea area.