A man and a woman have been charged with smoking synthetic cannabis while looking after a baby, who went on to suffer adverse health effects.

The pair, who can't be named for legal reasons, had their cases called before a registrar in the Rotorua District Court this morning.

The man appeared but the woman did not appear on time and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

The charge reads that jointly they had care of a child and intentionally smoked synthetic cannabis omitting to discharge of their legal duty to care and protect the child, causing adverse effects to the child's health by failing to seek medical attention. The charge reads this was a major departure from the standard of care expected of a reasonable person.


The man pleaded not guilty. He was further charged with possession of a psychoactive substance. He did not plead to the second charge.

All charges relate to alleged incidents in Rotorua on January 25.

The man's lawyer, Tim Braithwaite, said his client elected a trial by jury for the lead charge relating to the child.

The registrar remanded the man on continued bail to reappear on April 26 for a case review hearing in front of a judge.

The woman eventually turned up to court but was told by the registrar she had to hand herself in at the police station as she was unable to reverse her warrant.