Dunedin South Labour MP Clare Curran managed to get the spelling of her new boss's name wrong on a plaque the Prime Minister unveiled in Dunedin on Monday.

But it seems there will be no repercussions; in fact Ardern said she hoped it stayed that way.

The plaque was unveiled as part of the official reopening of the Dunedin South Labour rooms in Macandrew Rd.

Ardern did not notice the mistake at the time, but was alerted to it at Parliament yesterday by a reporter.


"Oh they are missing an 'r.'

"Hilarious! Common. Very very common," she said.

"I hope they keep it that way."

Ardern said the day that Norman Kirk opened the rooms in 1970, a seagull "pooped on him".

"So there's got to be something that happens to me.

"A misspelling is probably better," Ms Ardern said.

Curran, the Broadcasting Minister, described the mistake as "a boo-boo".

"I take full responsibility for the lack of proof reading."

She said the error would be fixed as soon as possible, and was "just one of those things".

"So there you go.

"I need to brush up on my proof-reading skills."

The plaque would appear on the outside of the building once it was fixed.

— additional reporting NZME