A Whanganui man has admitted to breaking into three Auckland properties, stealing thousands of dollars and previously denying all offences.

Paulie Hilton Kauri pleaded guilty on Tuesday to three burglary charges when he appeared in the Whanganui District Court.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Stephen Butler said Kauri broke into a Mt Eden home on August 10, 2017, without authority and not knowing the household owners.

"He quite gently opened the back door and stepped inside when the house alarm went off. He quickly bolted and jumped the fence."


Mr Butler said Kauri burgled another Auckland home that same month - this time in Epsom.

"He smashed a window of the master bedroom and at some point left blood ... [which] police used in a DNA test to identify [Kauri]"

Mr Butler said he found a safe in the bedroom and removed $2000 and ¥4000 Chinese RMB.

"He searched the rest of the house and took another $1500 worth of items. The total reparation sought is $4850."

Kauri has also been charged with a third burglary that occurred on January 8 in Onehunga.

Mr Butler said Kauri smashed a glass bathroom window but couldn't get through so broke in through a bedroom window.

This time $1500 worth of items were stolen.

Defence lawyer Stephanie Burlace said all Kauri's previous convictions were "low-level" and he had no dishonesty offending behind him.


"He has moved away from [Auckland] to get away from this kind of trouble. He didn't like what was going on. Given the lack of history I submit an electronic sentence," Ms Burlace told the judge.

Judge Dugald Matheson convicted Kauri and remanded him for sentencing on bail.

"All options are open for sentencing ... and imprisonment is very likely."