It began as a cheeky information request – but could end up becoming Jacinda Ardern's next clever catchphrase.

New Zealand Initiative economist and researcher Sam Warburton fired off an Official Information Act request to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet asking whether the PM ended her meetings by declaring "meeting arderned".

Rather than dismiss the request for the silliness it was, someone in DPMC clearly took it seriously enough to run past Ardern - and responded accordingly.

"The answer is no, but I have mentioned your inquiry to the Prime Minister who enjoyed hearing about it," secretary Michael Webster said in his response.


So perhaps the politician who gave the country the slogan "Let's do this" could be about to add a new phrase to the Kiwi lexicon.

Warburton conceded he had got the idea for the question from Twitter user Tim George.

And while politicians and their officials are notorious for game-playing and delaying answering OIAs, Warburton said he was impressed with the speed of the reply.

"I like that it's the Secretary answering this question rather than the Prime Minister. He answers 'no', then informs the PM of the question. No stuffing around: 'Do I know the answer? Yes. The answer is 'no'.'

"Good public servicing."