Graphic content warning: Some readers may find this content disturbing

A Northland man kidnapped for 12 hours was allegedly stripped naked, beaten up, urinated on and had his genitals burned by another man.

The chilling account was relayed to a jury in the High Court at Whangarei this week.

The accused man, who has name suppression, is on trial for alleged acts that happened two years ago in Northland.


He faces two charges of wounding with intent to injure, two of assault with intent to injure, and single charges of injuring with intent to injure, and threatening to do grievous bodily harm.

He is also charged with sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, threatening to kill, attempted sexual violation, and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Crown prosecutor Nicole Dore said the complainant was scared to tell police what happened until four months after the alleged crimes.

The alleged abuse was an act of revenge.

She said the accused stripped the man naked, dragged him on a couch, tied him with an electric cord and put a dog collar chain around his neck.

Dore said the man was blindfolded, kicked, punched, stomped and dragged around the house.

On one occasion, she said, petrol was tipped on him and he was forced to swallow urine.

On another occasion, she said, the accused tried to insert a light bulb into the man's anus.

The complainant was medically examined and a doctor found evidence of healing of a genital injury and that of a cigarette burn.

On the charge of perverting the course of justice, the accused allegedly asked another person to back him up on the charges he was facing.

The trial is continuing before a jury of eight women and four men.