Aucklanders trying to get home to seek shelter from stormy conditions may face delays as heavy traffic is being reported across several of the city's major motorways.

Delays had been seen across several of the motorways through the day after seven instances of crashes and breakdowns had been noted by NZTA since 8am.

Here's where the traffic is at its worst:

Northern Motorway


Heavy between the Victoria Park Tunnel and Sunnynook Rd for northbound.

Heavy between Esmonde Rd and the Harbour Bridge for citybound.

Southern Motorway

Heavy between Spaghetti Junction and Mt Wellington and heavy between East Tamaki and Takanini for southbound.

Slow between Highbrook and the city for citybound.

Northwestern Motorway

Heavy between the city and Lincoln Rd for westbound.

Southwestern Motorway


Moderate to heavy between Mangere Bridge and Portage Rd then heavy approaching the Northern Motorway for southbound.

Heavy between Lambie Dr and Mangere Bridge for northbound.