Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has addressed commentary about whether New Zealand will be cheated of her attention once she has a baby, saying it was up to her to prove she could do it.

In the Mail on Sunday, UK commentator Liz Jones wrote that Ardern's pregnancy was "a betrayal of New Zealand voters".

"Surely your country shouldn't have to compete for your attention with a colicky toddler."

Ardern said she had not read the full piece but had seen commentary on it.


"I think probably every parent would have some views on that and I've always acknowledged people will take different positions on my situation.

It's up to me to prove that I am able to continue to fulfil the responsibility I have and the mandate I have."

Ardern said the reaction from New Zealanders had been warm. "But I don't take that to mean absolutely everyone in New Zealand is happy. I've got work to do to prove I can fulfil the responsibilities I have and I absolutely intend to do that and so does this government."

Ardern also retorted to a question today about how she was finding work while pregnant, saying "I'm just pregnant, not incapacitated."

"Like everyone else who's found themselves pregnant, I'm just keeping on going."

She was still arranging ante-natal classes and discussing it with partner Clarke Gayford: "I think I'll send him and get the Executive Summary."

She said she was delighted that a Twitter user - @HeatherKMcC – had started a #KnitforJacinda movement to knit baby clothes for babies in local hospitals.

"A while ago someone said to me 'what should people send you?' and I said 'photos of the things they make for other people.'


I've always maintained the people who have the most get given the most and what would make me incredibly happy would be to see some benefit for premature babies, families in need, others who would benefit from that generosity.

If you really want to knit something, please do and send me a pic."