Two people were hit by a car and injured - one critically - during a street fight in Panmure early this morning, police say.

Police confirmed the incident occurred on Tripoli Rd - partially closed this morning as investigations continue - about 1.30am.

The second person struck by the car was seriously injured and both people were taken to Auckland City Hospital, police said.

Senior Sergeant Matt Rogers spoke to media at the scene this morning and said the incident occurred after a fight.


"There was a fight on the street, where a number of people have crossed the road to have a bit of an altercation with some people who are having a party.

"Following that a car has driven through the crowd that was out on the road."

The driver left the scene, but the vehicle believed involved was found, its buckled hood and smashed windscreen a brutal reminder to what had unfolded in the early hours.

Police were trying to find out who the driver was, and what the factors were involved were, Rogers said.

"It's too early to establish if the driving through the crowd was a deliberate act. Certainly the person would've been aware that they have hit some people, and they did drive off and haven't come back to establish what they've done."

He encouraged the driver to come forward "so we can at least get their side of the story".

A scene examination is also planned later today.