New Zealand's First Man has received a welfare check in the form of some adorable fan-mail.

Concerned that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's workload may impact her ability to spend time with her partner, Clarke Gayford, a letter was sent to ensure that he knew he was loved.

"How are you? We are very worried about you.

"We hope that you are not too lonely and miserable now that Jacinda is so busy. Please stay. We love you," the hand-written letter read.


The letter was penned by "Sonja" and "Sonja's mummy".

Gayford responded that the letter "wins the cutest correspondence I've received to date".

But the plea for him to stay prompted him to ask "where am I going?".

Gayford, the host of Choice TV's show Fish of the Day wrote in an article for The Spinoff that the plan following Ardern's confirmation as Prime Minister was to keep things as normal as possible.

"I don't think the boy from Gisborne and the girl from Morrinsville will find this all too difficult. "