Embattled internet mogul Kim Dotcom has been left with two containers filled with rotting furniture after property seized by the US government was returned to him ruined.

After a six-year wait, everything from Dotcom's penthouse in Hong Kong frozen by court order in 2011 has arrived in New Zealand.

The Hong Kong court ordered his property be returned last year. However, Dotcom has been left far from happy.

Kim Dotcom's
Kim Dotcom's "favourite gaming chair".
Kim Dotcom posted this image on Twitter.
Kim Dotcom posted this image on Twitter.

In a tweet today Dotcom said everything was rotten and destroyed. Among the ruined items his favourite leather gaming chair, which is now covered in a film of mould and mildew.

He also said an editing suite containing 600 hours of family footage had also been destroyed.

Dotcom tweeted the US Government made him pay for "climate controlled" storage to counter the Hong Kong humidity.

However given the state of his belongings it was obvious there was no climate control, he said.


He also feared data - and evidence - from the 2000 stored Megaupload servers had been compromised.

"My lawyers have warned the US judge in my case that our 2000 disconnected Megaupload servers would be deteriorating in storage and that all data (evidence) may be lost. If the storage of my personal items is an indicator for how our servers were stored then all data may be lost," he posted.

All backup files were held on the now defunct Megaupload servers.