The blood of a man who was assaulted in Auckland's CBD on Friday night could still be seen today.

The dried blood could still be seen this morning - three days later - as commuters made their way to work at the start of the business week.

His blood poured out onto Victoria St into a pool around one metre long just metres from where pedestrians would walk.

Drips of dried blood could be seen on a wall beside the scene.


The man appears to have left the scene with a blood-trail tracking his movements around the corner of the and onto Queen St.

Police attended the scene outside Farmers on Friday, January 12, around 9pm after the man was assaulted, a spokeswoman said.

Blood that has stained the footpath and wall has not been cleaned up yet. Photo / Supplied
Blood that has stained the footpath and wall has not been cleaned up yet. Photo / Supplied

She said the man only suffered a minor injury and had not made a complaint, with the matter being filed pending any further information.

Auckland Transport (AT) is responsible for the maintenance of streets and footpaths in the Auckland region.

After 2.30pm a AT spokesman said their contractor was on their way to wash the area "urgently".

According to its website, AT has a cleaning schedule that "varies throughout the region with high-use areas such as the CBD being cleaned continually throughout the day".

"The central city is routinely washed three times a week as well as being swept continually." the spokesman said.

It also says that cleaning mainly takes place during the early hours of the day and involves "mechanically and manually sweeping the footpaths and streets, as well as collecting all the litter".


AT asks that if anyone sees blood, vomit, or anything else on the street they should call them and they will have it cleaned up within the hour.