New Zealand - a land of beaches, mountains, beauty and the friendliest of welcomes? Think again.

While many people around the world believe New Zealand is one of the best places to live, a number of Kiwis have attempted to debunk this theory.

Residents have slammed our country, responding to a Reddit thread asking for advice on whether Aotearoa is as idyllic as it seems.

"What's wrong with your country?", Reddit user Taroin wrote, following with an explanation of how amazed he and his wife were at New Zealand's beauty during a recent holiday.


"Long story short we want to move there, so please, convince me not to! Tell me the worst things about the place, things that might convince me that maybe it isn't as wonderful as we think," the post read.

Taroin was flooded with messages from Kiwis wasting no time in dishing out why they think New Zealand isn't all it seems.

While a number of people offered friendly advice, others decided to apply a bit of humour.

"Consumer goods are expensive because we're tiny and isolated. Every year one child from each electorate has to travel to Ranui and fight in the Hunger Games," one person wrote.

Reddit user Taroin wrote said he was
Reddit user Taroin wrote said he was "disgusted" at New Zealand's beauty during a recent holiday. Photo / Getty Images

"Traveling to other countries is expensive because we're tiny and isolated," another wrote.

Muttonbird1 wrote: "Weed ain't legal here and quality ain't much better."

Another said: "The locals are often unsure if they're a bird, a fruit, or a person."

The good-natured jibes soon turned serious when Kiwis began to highlight our nation's real negative points, with one person writing that "Child abuse, homelessness and suicide of youth are way higher than they should be".


New Zealand's "poor housing, a lack of arts, rampant anti-intellectualism, non-existent work ethic, bad wages and insanely expensive food" were also discussed among redditors.

One day Taroin may return to New Zealand, but if he does, maybe try to avoid Ranui?

Sweet as, bro.