Auckland Airport's domestic terminal has seen "a hell of a lot" of cancellations and delays following today's storm.

Dozens of flights in and out of Auckland have been affected thanks to high winds which have mostly stopped flights landing from Taupo, Whakatane, Tauranga and Christchurch.

"The majority of them were from earlier today, from 7am to midday. We only have another two domestic cancellations on boards at the moment," the airport's shift operations manager said.

No international flights had been affected but outbound, there were eight domestic cancellations and three delays.


Inbound, there were 10 cancellations and 12 delays. A further nine flights had to be rescheduled.

"Looking at our affected flights ... we've had a hell of a lot affected. It's to be expected when there's severe weather like this," the spokesman said.

"These are the types of numbers we would expect to see."

An Air New Zealand spokesperson said passengers were best to check Air New Zealand's travel alerts service and their arrivals and departures section of their website.

"Adverse weather conditions are causing flight disruptions across the country today," she said. "Ten Air New Zealand flights have been cancelled and many others have been delayed."

Jetstar has also been contacted for comment.

Winds of up to 130km/h were predicted for Auckland and Great Barrier Island today as well as a deluge of rain which has seen widespread flooding.

The rough weather is set to continue for another day, affecting most of the North Island and Canterbury.