Campers have been told to flee for their lives with severe weather encroaching on Auckland's west coast.

Piha campground manager Fiona Anderson evacuated campers today due to the weather being "dangerous for human life".

Anderson - who is a St John first responder, involved in civil defence and the local Returned Services Association - was also planning to evacuate her low-level house.

"There's some big weather systems coming in, 6m swells coming from two different directions, torrential rain forecast between 10pm and 12am tonight which is when our high tide will be... and 130km/h winds predicted," Anderson told the Herald.


"This is not something I can afford to be flippant about. If this all comes together over Piha tonight I'd be putting people's lives at risk if they were still here.

"I need people to take my warning seriously and go home."

Surf Life Saving duty officer Dan Lee said conditions over the next few days would not be safe to swim in. Lifeguards would evaluate the conditions and close beaches for swimming if necessary.

"There's a really big swell coming in with very strong onshore winds, big king tides. It's going to be very dangerous swimming conditions until Saturday at this stage.

"If it's deemed safe on the day the flags will be out which means it is safe to swim. But if in doubt always stay out."