Nothing was going to get in the way of partygoers from enjoying a few cold brews at the beach, not even a local liquor ban.

Drinking throughout New Year's Eve, the group spent at least part of the evening in the middle of the Tairua estuary in the Coromandel.

The sanctuary was apparently created in an attempt to beat the Coromandel-wide liquor ban in public places.

In a post to the Tairua ChitChat! Facebook page, photos show the group's location, surrounded by boats, a kayaker and a paddle-boarder.


It appeared the group created the mound with a shovel at low tide before waiting for the incoming tide to surround them.

The alcohol ban for the area was brought in after local residents sought to make their communities safer during the festive break.

Waikato eastern area commander Inspector John Kelly admired the groups attempt to avoid the liquor ban.

"That's creative thinking - if I had known that I probably would have joined them," he told Fairfax.

Whangamata community stalwart and Beach Hop founder Noddy Watts said it was time for a change after swathes of arrests over the New Year period for the last few years.

"They were dealing with drunk teens. That's not what they are there for. That's what parents are there for.

"The police and St John were getting frustrated with the result and said it has to change," Watts said.

Police have been approached for comment in relation to the Tairua estuary incident.