Two people have miraculously survived and escaped with just minor injuries after their glider crashed in Marlborough.

A Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter said the pair had been rescued from the remote Blairich Range south of Blenheim this afternoon.

The powered glider they were flying was reported to have had a "catastrophic wing failure" and crashed high on the mountainside.

The failure cause the craft to spiral approximately 1500 feet downwards before impacting on a steep slope and coming to rest.


"The combined effect of the spiral and the steep nature of the mountain face appeared to have minimised the severity of the impact, allowing the pair to escape the aircraft with only minor injuries," a Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter spokesman said.

"Once free of the wreckage, the pair have called for help on a cellphone resulting in the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter being dispatched by RCCNZ."

The helicopter managed to land on a small knoll near the crash site.

The pair were transported to Wairau Hospital Emergency Department for further assessment and treatment.