Children's charity KidsCan faces a $350,000 funding cut next year and the previous and current Governments are blaming each other.

Minister for Children Tracey Martin says the Government hasn't decided to cut support to children's charity KidsCan and blames the previous government for not allocating ongoing funding.

But National's Paula Bennett has accused the new Government of axing a programme specifically aimed at helping kids who need it most.

"This is another example of Labour's ideological stance against partnership models. KidsCan is a shining example of how corporate and public funds combined can achieve great outcomes," she said.


"I implore the Government to rethink this terrible decision."

But Martin said Bennett's previous National Government had not allocated any money for KidsCan after June.

"My understanding is that Oranga Tamariki informed them that it would not be seeking new money for them in the budget. That was an operational decision by the ministry," she said.

"I've only just become aware of this issue and I have asked officials to provide me a briefing on this relationship and the funding issues.

"This government values organisations that provide real help to children and KidsCan has obviously done some great work with a lot of kids."

KidsCan executive Julie Chapman told RNZ she had been told a week ago that the funding, worth $350,000 a year, would end on July 1.

"There's going to be quite a big impact on our ability to get the support to kids in need," she said.

Oranga Tamariki says no final decisions have been made about future funding.