A Hamilton father who was fleeing police stopped and let his child out of the car before speeding off again.

Waikato police Senior Sergeant Phil Ruddell said the man was signalled to stop by police due to the nature of his driving just before 10am today.

Instead of stopping, he continued driving at speed through suburbs Frankton and Dinsdale.

Ruddell said at one point during the incident the man stopped to let his passenger, his young child, out of the car at a family member's home before continuing on.


He eventually stopped at Quail Place, near Melville.

The driver, a 59-year-old man, was arrested and charged with driving offences.

Neither the driver nor the child was injured.

Ruddell said officers were flummoxed that the man sped off again after letting his child out of the car.

"Fleeing driver incidents are incredibly dangerous for all of those involved, including our staff. The officer involved in this incident was amazed that the man chose not to stop initially when he had his child in the car.

"This man is very lucky that in this instance there were no tragic consequences, which can happen if a driver chooses not to stop for police."