A man wanted in South Korea after the murders of three members of his family has agreed to be sent back.

Sungkwan Kim, 33, was arrested in Auckland last month on behalf of Korean authorities to begin the process of extradition.

The North Shore District Court heard today Kim agreed to be sent back to Korea and that he would wait at Mt Eden Corrections Facility until the Minister of Justice signed off on his extradition.

Kim is facing two charges of murder in South Korea, a charge of murder by robbery, abandonment of a corpse and five counts of fraud.


Local media earlier reported South Korean police were looking for Kim for the murders of his mother, stepfather and 14-year-old half-brother on October 21.

Kim He arrived in Auckland on October 24 as a New Zealand resident and was arrested soon after.

He was also wanted in New Zealand for a historic theft and was last week sentenced to two months in jail after admitting stealing whiteware from an Auckland flat he lived in in 2015.