Trains on Auckland's rail network will grind to a halt on Friday as the city's rail workers go on strike.

Members of the Rail and Maritime Transport Union taking strike action to protest against a decision to introduce driver-only operations on Auckland's passenger trains.

The strike would start at 2am on Friday and last for 24 hours.

Union advocate John Kerr said the workers' employer, Transdev, was refusing to back down on its proposal, despite mediated negotiations.


"This plan puts passengers and drivers at risk, and the only reason we can see for it is cutting costs and increasing profit."

The proposal would mean train drivers had the responsibility for monitoring door operation as well as passengers, Kerr said. He believed the division of attention would significantly increase the risk of an accident.

Kerr said he regrets the inconvenience the strike would cause, but workers were determined they would not compromise on safety.

Michel Ladrak Managing Director of Transdev Auckland, talks frankly about the upcoming industrial action to train services.

"Auckland Transport must bear some responsibility for what's happening: their plan to deploy so-called 'Transport Officers' on the network instead of guaranteeing there's a properly-qualified, uniformed crew member on every train is an attack on the safety culture of our railway."

Auckland Transport's Chief Transport Services Officer, Mark Lambert, said Auckland Transport would not be able to put on extra buses in place of train services.

Auckland Transport was seeking limited additional buses to support some bus routes and ferry and bus services would operate as normal.

"We are sorry but with no trains operating, the roads will be busy and there will be delays," Lambert said.

"People should consider options such as travelling outside peak times, sharing rides, cycling or walking. People should also talk to their employer about their work situation."


Auckland Transport staff would be on duty at some locations to assist customers with information and updates would be available on the AT website, Twitter and Facebook.

Rail workers in Wellington took strike action last month over Transdev's attempts to change their working conditions and penalty rates for working weekends.

The strike was the biggest to hit the rail system since 1994.

Commuters were told to consider staying home, and traffic chaos ensued.

On a regular weekday in both Auckland and Wellington more than 30,000 people travel by train around the city.