Appalling dashcam footage shared online shows a Kiwi confronting an Asian motorist about his driving, while displaying some shocking moves behind the wheel herself.

The video, shared on Facebook page Asians in New Zealand captures the moments before Eric Ng, an Asian man who has been in the country for 23 years, prepares to turn right while driving.

Ng, flashes his indicator in preparation for the right-hand turn at an upcoming intersection when the woman's car overtakes him on his right.

She careens ahead and he pulls in behind her.


Moments later, she opens her door and jumps out of the car to confront him.

"You are wrong, you need to wait," she said.

He responds, saying "you are all the way driving from there", and points back to where she had cut into the flush median.

Bizarrely, she then confronts him about his tone, seemingly using her Kiwi nationality to justify why she was in the right.

"Hey, don't yell at me mate, I'm a New Zealand citizen. I was born here, alright."

After quizzing Ng's children on whether they had their seatbelts on, she jumps back in her car and drives off, veering left out of the right-hand turning lane to go straight ahead through the intersection.

The video has attracted dozens of comments online from people calling the female driver a hypocrite.

"Just cause you're born here doesn't mean you can drive however you want," one poster said.


Speaking to 1 NEWS, Ng said he was offended by the altercation, which he captured on his dashcam.

"I tried to say 'you are not right, there is nothing to argue' but she just stopped me talking and she told me she knows better than me because she is born here, she is a citizen, and I was speechless," Ng said.

"It's really quite disturbing because I've lived in New Zealand for quite a long time. I've lived here for 23 years, longer than I've lived in any other country.

"I'm Chinese, but why you say you're a New Zealand citizen, I'm a New Zealand citizen too, and that's what made me not really comfortable."