People were evacuated from beachfront properties in Tauranga following a crash that caused a gas leak.

A Fire and Emergency Services spokesman said they were called to an accident on Ocean Beach Rd, in Mount Maunganui, after a car hit a fence and the crash resulted in a major gas leak.

Fire crews subsequently evacuated surrounding properties but have since isolated the leak and escorted people back to their homes.

A Police spokesperson said they had received a report of a car hitting a fence.


"It appears a gas main was ruptured as a result. Contractors have been advised and I believe they are on site fixing it now."

A resident of Ocean Beach Rd said a car had crashed through two fences.

The car crashed into two fences on Ocean Beach Rd. Photo / Supplied
The car crashed into two fences on Ocean Beach Rd. Photo / Supplied

"I heard this almighty bang just as I was in the shower and I thought 'is that an earthquake'. I didn't know what it was," she said.

"When I got out the sound of gushing water from the fireman's hoses made me go to the front window and I could see it all."

She said police had cordoned off the area and that residents from around five houses gathered on the street.

Members of the family that live in the house in which the car crashed into their fence told the Herald they were alerted to the crash when they heard the sound of the impact and leaking gas.

"We didn't actually see it happen because we were inside so we only heard it.

"We heard the sound of the impact and then the gas. I ran out and called 111."


The family said the impact of the crash damaged the gas main and two fences.

"I actually thought it must have been a LPG-type vehicle and didn't realise initially that it was the gas main that had been taken off at the ground with the impact.

"Most of the houses around were evacuated because of the gas leak. We were probably evacuated for about an hour and a half."

They said police and fire engines were still at the scene at 10am and they had been informed by a neighbour that the driver of the vehicle had fallen asleep at the wheel.

A St John spokeswoman said they were called to the incident about 7.38am and weren't able to access the patients until about half an hour later.

Two patients were then transported to Tauranga Hospital, one in a moderate condition and one with minor injuries.